The hidden qualities of raw materials and deadstocks
tessuto sostenibilità 01

Since 2012 I have been designing sustainable upcycled turban capsules  following the principle of a circular economy based on a productive and economic model by resource optimization. I design turban capsules according to the principle of sufficiency with the aim of selling on the market what the customer really needs.

In according to this vision, I created MHUDI make promotion of fashion uniqueness. Today many fashion companies and young designers are joining this sustainability purpose, involving consumers as partners in achieving their goals. 

Annually, fashion industry produces waste, make sustainability towards upcycling means to improve health for human being and for the planet. For that reason I optimize the production process by involving customers in a zero waste process, starting from deadstocks elimination and selection to innovate fabrics in a conscious way.

turbante wrap mhudi


Sustainable upcycling has been MHUDI’s key word together to my deep attention to raw materials, processing and research. The first masterpieces I create were produced with old batik fabrics. Items shape, aesthetics and colours were shades of  a rich sustainable fashion world with its different ethnic cultures.

Over time, my research has become more refined by producing contemporary fashionitems combining styles for different women outfits.

Since 2012 Mhudi brings the sustainable upcycling in a high level, starting from the rich value of fabrics. As the human being also fabric has a path,  becoming the most important and changing element for creation.

My research borns travelling in silent spaces, as warehouses or company archives, where fabrics lie without use awaiting  the moment for their transformation. The whole process speaks the language of upcycling sustainability, from the idea to the production, highlighting the powerful rebirth of fabrics.