Nadia La Bella 12/11/2020 News

Unity is strength

Unity is strength, a new Shooting Multibrand project is born to show the partnership between Italian brands that express their creative values.

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news 02 12/3/2020 News

New Fall Winter accessory items

The leitmotif of Fall Winter collections of the latest fashion weeks is the collar, made in all its possible declinations from chic to utility.

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NEWS 01 12/3/2020 News

Patchwork Mhudi world for a new fashion style

The patch-work or "work with the pieces" is a technique that consists in joining and sewing different parts of fabric in order to obtain an item for the person or to regenerate a new fabric. Mhudi's latest novelty is the creation of a double-face turbans capsule made with the patchwork technique as expression of a unique fashion style.

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