The heritage
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The origin

MHUDI embodies traditional Italian craftsmanship to deliver high quality headwear that reflect a refined and elegant aesthetic. Precise shapes, exclusive embellishments, intense colors and contemporary ethnic shades. Use of primary materials and recovered fabrics - including wool, cashmere, cotton, linen - all produced and handmade respecting the values ??of Made in Italy and craftsmanship.

The brand that was founded in 2012 thanks to a formula that has proved successful: keep the philosophy of the small to the great goals focusing on research and enhancing the know-how, culture and crafts that Italy still boasts in the world.

Style concept does not belong to fashion field but runs through an  anthropological dimension that each Mhudi item contains. There are several ethnic inspirations, visible in item shapes and details. Difference is the supporting wall on which history, philosophy and making process are built, highlighting the precious link between contemporaneity and tradition, between origin and destination. These elements are enhanced during the creative process through the study of ethnic cultures that Mhudi thinks universal.

Items soul and brand identity have to be found in a particular hat - unique and reversible - designed with a turban shape, one of the most cosmopolitan and ethnic headgear in the world.

 This is an ambitious project for the designer which is translated in raw materials, manufacturing and research. Pay attention to style and current trends, MHUDI has the goal of creating unconventional accessory hat capsules, managing a distinctive uniqueness.