Mhudi featuring Flou
five continents


We have designed five garment shapes to represent the world melting pot. Five as the fingers in one hand. An exciting mix of colors and shapes borns through styles, ethnicities, details. The overlapping of colors and genres is experienced in this accessories collection which is a continent "holding together"  different fashion ideas. Turbans, headbands, flat caps, gatsby caps styled with exclusive fabrics by Flou are the main actors for excellence.

This customized new trip in five continents is possible through Flou quality furnishing fabric joined to Mhudi’s design and style research. The capsule is designed with Flou original fabrics, the same used for home interior decoration complements. The quality and colour shades give to Mhudi the possibility to create exclusive accessories for men and women.  Mhudi and Flou join together the pursuit of fabric quality. 

"... It is the philosophy of Flou's Total Living, a style that goes beyond the single product by exporting the concept of soft and comfortable to other areas, thus improving well-being and the quality of life ..." In this kind of transformation, it’s possible to think that dreams made in a Flou bed - the excellent sleep design furniture for millions of people in Italy and the world - never die as protected ideas inside an elegant and soft Mhudi hat.