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snake mask 01
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Respect, still with elegance. Mask cover in original silk italian fabric, black cotton double face.


€ 26.00

€ 16.00


The Mhudi mask-cover is the "new" accessory for this renewed daily life, which has become indispensable in our society. Made  in diferent fabrics by the timeless classic Best Seller line, the mask-cover comes in two different colour variations , bringing to life the beauty of our prints and providing a soft caress to your skin.

A shape that we have studied in detail to turn this new necessity into a touch of timeless elegance. Made entirely by hand in Italy, as it is not PPE, it  can be worn over a chirurgical mask for your own protection.

Fabric composition: SIDE A 100% silk - SIDE B 100% cotton

Made in Italy

PRODUCT CARE: Dry clean or hand clean in cold water with detergent for delicate clothes. Iron with a maximum temperature of 100 ° and without steam.

* Mhudi does not assume responsibility for damage to the product resulting from alternative use or care that is not compliant with the instructions provided here.

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PACKAGING: Box with customized bag.

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