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Double face turban made in a mix of bright colour shades fabrics handcrafted by a patchwork technique


€ 145.00

€ 70.00


Mhudi is the fashion item to highlight woman's head, designed in an interesting mix of fine fabric and style. Waterproof line is designed for intense cold and isdedicated to technical sportswear. Each turban of  PATCHWORK line is a unique piece manifactured by a patchwork technique, square scraps of fabrics are assembled to create a fabric panel. This contemporary item embraces all style shade of contemporary  fashion style.

UNIVERSE is inspired by natural elements with floral and cashmere inserts in different shades asblack, red and green. Some colours play a fashionable style mix such as the black vinyl patch that makes this item glamorous and fashionable.The main fabric is the result obtained from the  composition of different pattern textures. Eeach turban is double-sided to be worn with two different outfits, without size to be modeled on your head and worn as a turban or bonnet.

The Italian manufacturing is in respect and awareness of the quality of the entire production process, from the choice of fabric to the model. For the craftsmanship work, some fabric squares can be sewn in a different position but overall the same colour shade and stylistic effect is guaranteed.

Fabric composition: SIDE A fabric squares 100% silk100% cotton 100% viscose SIDE B  50% wool 50% cotton

One size: head circumference 59-61 cm

Made in Italy

PRODUCT CARE: Dry clean or hand clean in cold water with detergent for delicate clothes. Iron with a maximum temperature of 100 ° and without steam.

* Mhudi does not assume responsibility for damage to the product resulting from alternative use or care that is not compliant with the instructions provided here.

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PACKAGING: Box with customized bag and POP card.

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