Authentic fashion comes from Made in Italy
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We design woman accessories for luxury fashion world through fabric research. Our growth is the same of our partners all,  collaborators, customers and suppliers. We meet their expectations with our  items’ quality and a good customer service, and we pursue values  based on environmental respect, interaction with difference and a good relationships with collaborators.

We believe in local knowledge and craftsmanship,  for that reason we want to protect artisanal work, producing items on pre-order to avoid warehouse deadstock. We believe in a transaparent supply chain where all collaborators play together as a team. We choose MADE IN ITALY working every day with excellent italian local partners.

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Since the beginning of its foundation Sustainability  and Made in Italy are Mhudi’s key words  promoting a deep attention to raw materials that are deadstocks coming from fashion sector increasingly problematic. We have chosen to be MADE IN ITALY and we collaborate with local excellences in order to know the supply chain that surrounds us. Beauty produced by the Made in Italy manufacture has a great importance for Mhudi, for that reason we choose an accurate, different and timeless design for our turbans. Thanks to our daily research we create from raw materials  following the circular economy. For items manufacture Mhudi focuses on customer who can be part of an intelligent shopping, he can be an actor inside his order process, following his garment life.

To avoid waste of manual time, money and materials, each hat of Best Seller and Masterpiece line purchased on the e commerce is therefore produced thanks to the know-how of local manufacturing. The process can be accomplished because our items are really made through an artisanal making that starts from craftsmanship and arrives at customer's door in less than 7 days. Pre-order represent a novelty in terms of innovation and materials. Each garment borns in the exact moment the customer ends the purchase and he can be the main character to play an important change.





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Production is completely processed  in Italy in Carpi  manufacturing district where many of the most important Italian manufacturing companies coexist. Model’s sketch and fabric selection are by the designer,  as well as  yarn and  fabric quality check. Today Mhudi is an italian artisanal company  that has built its identity thanks to its know-how on style, making a personal way into the industry niche of fashion headgear brands and Italian companies dealing with fashion accessory style creations. By developing our own personal path, we give an identity to our capsules developed by an ethical approachfrom production to stock management. We want to reduce inventories, our production is based on zero waste concept searching innovative fabrics also deriving from secondary raw materials and a Pre-order system that allows us to produce the garment in a short time after it has been purchased.

To avoid waste of manual time, money and materials, every turban of  Best Seller and Masterpiece Collection you see on the  e-commerce site will be produced to order. Thanks to our internal production and the local sourcing of most of the raw items needed, we can guarantee the shipping and the whole process is possible because our hats are really true handcrafted pieces.

Our work  is inspired by a sense of great craftsmanship and meticulous attention to the mixage of fabrics collected by the designer who selects them following aesthetic richness and quality. More and more, the brand has the purpose of creating unconventional woman  accessories capsules, taking inspiration from silent raw materials or deadstocks found in many companies’ warehouses,  paying attention to style and current trends and maintaining a unique distinctive character in fashion genre.