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I create refined accessories by translating fabrics into creative upcycling as main feature of brand's identity. Art, craftsmanship and design interact in my turban  capsules which are a hymn to creativity and savoir faire. Mhudi's idea of beauty is based on anthropological and multicultural factors, translating the brand's DNA into a new contemporary aesthetic and stylistic canons. The reversible turban, made by an excellent craftsmanship and by a fabrics mix of limited patterns is the best-selling headdress, thanks to its outfit which can be styled as a turban or bonnet.

Reversibility is the trademark that makes MHUDI unique on the fashion market with upcycled features associated to an international and cosmopolitan shape,  the turban. For the process of creation and manufacturing, a unique MHUDI Best Seller item is a guarantee of style and elegance.

I create with italian fabrics, but patterns I select  must recall different stylistic worlds and cultures.I believe in beauty that comes from research and care, each turban send a message of difference and freedom, it is always associated to a culture and to a female name, written on the turban label tag as an indissoluble element of identity.